JNI Armor's Solutions for School Security

Bullet Resistant Glass (or Transparent Armor) for high schools, middle and elementary schools is becoming more paramount.JNI Armor has over 20 years experience in developing transparent armor to meet the most demanding environments and budgets, and is dedicated to helping communities protect their future generations.

JNI Armor Commitment

“Every employee at JNI Armor has children that are in school.  This includes our management and investors.  Thus, JNI Armor has made a commitment to focus on the needs of our future generations, and support the creation of safer schools through the highest quality bullet resistant products.  JNI Armor will utilize our advanced technologies and innovations, then leverage our capacity to drive them to affordable budgets.

This is a time where us in the armor community can make a major difference.  And the dedication of JNI Armor will be here to help.”

Le Nguyen.  CEO JNI LLC

JNI Armor has developed a unique suite of bullet resistant specifically for school applications.  The largest problem with school armoring, is dealing with systems that don’t have budgets for needed classrooms, educational materials and support staff.  On top of it all,  armoring infrastructure is a very costly.

Thus, JNI Armor has developed bullet resistant glass solutions specifically for the schools. This suite of solutions Include the following characteristics:

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Systems
  • AS2 Hardcoating for Glass (Hardness of Glass)
  • Peel Plies for Scratch Repair
  • Durability (longer than 10 year life expectancy)
  • Resistance to Cleaning Systems
  • AR coatings for Solar loading reduction and cooler classrooms
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low cost
Delta Haze Graph

Taber Abrasion per AstM D 1044, 1000 cycles using CS-10F wheels @ 500g

Peel Plies

JNI Armor threat requirements include National Institute of Justice 108.01 and UL Level as well as custom requirements for school programs.  JNI Armor can defeat handgun, shotgun, rifle and forced entry requirements. 

Inquire about our custom solutions specifically designed for school requirements.    

Forced Entry is a major requirement for armoring schools.  JNI Armor works with Oregon Ballistics Lab (OBL) and their team of forced entry test experts in developing armor solutions. 


JNI Armor applications include exterior doors and windows using insulated glass technology, interior doors, interior windows.  Bullet resistant glass can be designed for bullet resistance up to armor piercing threats and for forced entry requirements.